Tooth Jewellery Treatment

The beauty of a dazzling white smile can be further enhanced by use of "Tooth Jewellery"

Tooth Jewellery are tiny gold, silver and/or precious stone decorations, which are glued onto teeth without damaging dental enamel.

These jewels are made of crystal glass and are available in different colors. They are glued to the front surfaces of the upper anterior teeth. Placing these stones is a very brief procedure but it goes a long way in satisfying the dental cosmetic needs of the patient.

How Do Tooth Jewellery Treatment Work?

Applying teeth jewellery is similar to the process of tooth fillings. The surface is treated with acid, then the binding substance of the filling and a thin layer of filling are applied, on top of which the tooth jewel is placed.The procedure takes about 15 minutes and is completely painless.

The application of teeth jewellery is completely harmless to teeth and the jewels can be removed without damaging the teeth.The application of precious stones (sapphires, diamonds, rubies, etc.) onto teeth is somewhat more complicated, since the stones are relatively high and sometimes require light sanding of the tooth to be fixed properly.

A properly applied and maintained tooth jewel can remain intact for years, however, careless behaviour (chewing hard food, traumas, etc.) may cause it to become loose too soon. If you manage to find the jewel, it can usually be glued back to its previous location.Teeth decorated with jewels can also be cleaned professionally by a dentist.